22 Gardening Hacks That’ll Change the Way You Garden Forever

If you’re an avid gardener you need to have a look at these fantastic gardening hacks on Balcony Garden Web. These 22 handy ideas will change the way you garden forever! Gardening can be such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, like any hobby, it does come with a few issues and problems. Perhaps you don’t have all the tools you need, or maybe you forget to water your plants… Read Article →

Trump Supporters’ Responses To “When Was America Last Great?” Are Scary

The Daily Show recently attended the Republican National Convention and went around asking Trump supporters when, in their opinion, America was last great. This clip posted on Unilad shows they had a pretty tough time figuring this one out. Some supporters thought the last time America had anything going for it was in 1776 when the Founding Fathers got the whole thing started. When the reporter points out that this… Read Article →

10 Weird Things That Affect Your Workout

Have you ever finished a workout, only to feel as if it went really badly? There are a number of things that can affect your workout, and Linda Melone has a useful post on Prevention that explains exactly what these things are and how you can avoid them. Despiting mostly sticking to a good diet and getting enough sleep, there are days when your workout doesn’t seem to go as… Read Article →

15 People To Follow On Instagram For Some Photography Inspiration

If you’re a photography fanatic, you should definitely take a look at this list of brilliant photographers to follow on Instagram. The list was compiled by Creative Bloq and includes photographers from around the world who specialize in subjects ranging from food and architecture to art and animals. There are so many excellent photographers out there, but some are just more fun to follow on Instagram than others. These brilliant snappers… Read Article →

Raw Food Resource – 20 Vegan YouTube Channels

You may have been looking for some new ideas for vegan meals, and this brilliant article on Very Vegan Recipes is just what you’ve been looking for, it’s a review of the 20 best vegan YouTube channels. One great thing about the vegan community on the internet is how amazingly helpful and supportive they are. They are always willing to help each other, and especially people who are trying the… Read Article →

Best of the Best “RV Hotels” in the United States

RV hotel travelling is an affordable and adventurous new way of travelling that has steadily grown more popular over the years. It is a way to camp outdoors, but be able to use hot showers, comfortable beds, proper kitchens and more at the same time. However, it may be hard to find good RV hotels, so here’s a list compiled by Megan Michelson in The Go List. Some of these… Read Article →

Have You Ever Made One Of These 15 Common Gardening Mistakes?

In an article written for Natural Living Ideas by Sierra Bright we see that she is of the opinion that often gardeners prefer to learn gardening the hard way! Even with piles of gardening books available to refer to, some gardeners just prefer to muddle through by themselves. With not only all the information found in books but also the many gardening classes which are available to attend, gardening mistakes will still… Read Article →

How A Simple Note Can Completely Change The Parent-Child Relationship

Pulptastic has combined a selection of messages that parents have left for their kids. Reddit, Imgur, and Brightside have all produced some notes which will amuse you! From notes which parents have left on the fridge, to some left in lunch boxes and even stuck on washing machines, these amusing sticky notes have left all over the place as reminders that no matter where the kids are, their parents know… Read Article →

Obama Administration Prohibits Aerial Slaughter And Other Inhumane Killing Of Animals

What an historic day for some of the most magnificent and also most mistreated animals In the USA! The US Fish and Wildlife Service has now prohibited some methods of slaughter of animals such as grizzly bears, black bears and wolves on found on public lands in Alaska. These regulations now cover all of Alaska’s Wildlife Refuges. The refuge areas form a total of 76 million acres and technically belong… Read Article →

20 All Time Favourite Crochet Sites

Amanda Formaro from Woman’s Day has written this informative article showing us a selection of 20 Crochet sites which will soon become your favourites too. Everyone who is a fan of crochet knows that there are never enough pattern books and also never enough crochet sites to glean knowledge from. Here is a very handy collection which highlights 20 of the favourite crochet sites. The resources on all these sites is… Read Article →